Top 5+ Social Media WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing

With all the social sharing plugins that are available on WordPress it’s a challenge to decide which one to pick.

Some are beautiful and include lots of exciting features, but all those animated features and intricate graphics may cost you and that usually means rendering your website and causing longer loading times and is a sure method to frustrate your visitors and keep them from returning.

Other factors to consider when choosing the WordPress social sharing button are the networks you’d like to be covered as well as the way you’d like the buttons to appear and how much control you would like over the way the plugin is used on your website.

Social Media WordPress Plugins

Top 5+ Social Media WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing

To help you test the many choices for yourself, we’ve put together this list with the top 5+ Social Media WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing.

1. Monarch

Monarch is an newly released version of an h WordPress plugin by ElegantThemes It comes with wonderful features like fly-in inline, popup along with floating social media buttons. The plugin also lets you display share count after the post has hit the desired social number. Alongside social media buttons that appear on posts, you may also incorporate follow buttons into your sidebar, or other widgets.

The plugin features a attractive interface, with which you can keep track of social shares, make new fly-ins or popups and set triggers for social to show popups that are timely. Contrary to other plugins this plugin won’t slow down your website’s performance..

Additionally, you can show social icons on your content area , or elsewhere on your website, using a shortcodes.


  • Simply create social icons
  • A variety of ways to display social shares
  • Show social icons on your site using shortocde
  • Multiple social triggers
  • Hide the post if it does not have greater than X shares
  • Options page that is easy to navigate
  • Keep track of social shares and counts

One of the most appealing aspects about the Monarch plugin is that you can cancel your subscription at any time, and still enjoy access to Monarch along with other themes of over 80 and four premium plugins, including their latest offering Bloom.

2. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Simple Social share buttons are an alternative that is popular. It offers impressive features, similar to the Monarch WordPress plugin, and lets you showcase social share buttons in 12 different places. It has 12 templates built-in and gives the option of customizing the buttons to meet your requirements.

Alongside the numerous choices for sharing on social media, it lets you choose which share numbers and also when you can hide them. This feature is extremely helpful, especially when it comes to novice bloggers new to blogging who is just beginning their journey, and do not already have any evidence of their social media presence to display.

The Easy Social share plugin is compatible with third party plugins , such as bbPress BuddyPress, WooCommerce, etc. This means that you can easily put social media buttons to your forums, sales pages or any other pages of your website.

It also offers a powerful dashboard to track the social activities across major social media platforms.

Notice: All these features are fantastic, however you must be aware that they has a huge impact on the speed of your website. After the latest update it has increased the amount of resources required.

The pros: It comes with an array of options, templates as well as social icon icons. It’s a complete social media platform for WordPress that won’t break your budget.

Pros: Not free, you’ll need to pay approximately $14 for the purchase. Additionally, it could affect the speed of your site.

Price: $14

3. Kiwi Social Share

Kiwi Social Share makes it simple to include contemporary social sharing buttons to all of the most popular social networks, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Flint

The user interface is straightforward and you can select among different locations such as floating or in-content share buttons in addition to a variety of types of buttons, such as:

  • Square
  • Shift (a modern look)
  • Pill
  • Rounded corners
  • Leaf

The plugin can also display share count numbers in order to add some social evidence on your blog posts.

For a different way to allow users to share your content using the Kiwi Social Share plugin, Kiwi Social Share plugin also allows you to add click to twitter buttons on your posts.

Kiwi Social Share is free and is available on

Pros Modern styled buttons easy user interface, various placement options and share counts

Cons Hasn’t got smaller, less well-known social networks.

4. Social Snap

Social Snap can be described as a more recent social share plugin which aims to provide a complete solution for all your WordPress social media requirements.

It’s available as an unpaid version on and an upgraded premium version with more features.

If you download the version for free, you are able to create beautiful share buttons that look great to the most well-known social networks. These include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

The buttons can be displayed in a variety of locations including in the middle of your content, or as floating bars. Additionally, you can display the share count in total or share counts for each network.

If you’re willing for the premium version, it will include support for:

  • There are many more social networks
  • Social login
  • Social media auto-poster
  • Meta tags for social media
  • And much more!

The premium version is priced at $39 per single website.

AdvantagesGreat-looking buttons, shares per share and total many options for positioning numerous options ( especially in the Pro version)

Cons The free version supports only the popular, basic networks

5. Jetpack

Jetpack is an application that allows self-hosted WordPress websites to gain access to a few of the options available to sites can utilize. It was created through Team Social, as documented in the book that is a must-read: The Year Without Pants.

A component of JetPack comes with the capability to include sharing buttons on your pages and posts through the Publicize module. Once you’ve installed , and enabled Jetpack on your website you’ll be able to enable the plugin from the settings page. There are a lot of settings to choose from and you can select the networks you want to show buttons on, and you can also alter how buttons appear.

Advantages lots of options than sharing, a excellent level of settings available to configure social settings.

Pros: not the best looking or share buttons that are flexible and requires an (free) account, which also comes with other features you may not require.

6. AddToAny Share Buttons

Through the data, AddToAny Share Buttons is the most used social media sharing plugin on

The main reason for choosing this plugin is due to the numerous social networks it works with.

AddToAny allows you and your users choose among more than 100 different networks to publish your content to. You can design dedicated buttons to the top well-known networks. After that, you can create an global + icon that displays an open-ended window that lets users select from the smaller networksas well.

AddToAny allows you to display your buttons prior to or after content, or as floating bars. Additionally, you can add social share numbers alongside that share icon.

And lastly, AddToAny includes a built-in Google Analytics integration that lets you keep track of share-based analytics.

AddToAny is free and is available on

Pros supports a vast amount of popular social platforms, sharing count as well as a universal sharing option. various placement options

Cons There is no support for meta data

7. Social Media Widget

Another option for free that I prefer to utilize on my websites along with the share bar. This plugin lets you quickly show icons on your sidebars that connect on to the profiles you have on numerous social networks.

While other plugins mentioned here allow sharing your content, this plugin is an excellent option to use for driving people to your profile on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to increase the number of followers you have.

Social Media Widget is very simple to set up. Drag the widget on your bar and then input URLs for your profile or pages on the platforms you would like to connect to. The icons look great and there are several different designs to pick from.

Advantagessimple yet elegant method to display icons on your profile on different social networks.

Pros:not strictly a social sharing plugin, it is more designed to get followers, rather than shares.


Which from the WordPress Social Sharing plugins are suitable for you?

They’re all great choices in their own way which is why they’re on the list. However, some plugins excel in particular areas that could help you in one direction or the other.

Let’s look at specific tools’ strongest aspects…

If you’re looking for the finest-looking buttonsavailable, Kiwi Social Share has some very modern-looking buttons , all in a light package.

On the other hand, if need “the most features” instead of being light The superior version Social Snap is as robust social media plug-in as you can find. Check out the Social Snap review to know more.

Simple Social Share Buttons are also loaded with features. It also has a social follow button. Elegant Themes’ Monarch is also another option that has the ability to handle both social sharing as well as social follow buttons. You can find out more about this in the Monarch evaluation.

If you’re looking for the largest sharing options, AddToAny is most likely the best choice for you because its sharing system is universal, giving users access to more than a hundred networks from one location.

If your already running this Jetpack plugin then you may prefer to use Jetpack’s social sharing feature and make it a day.

In the end, Social Media Widget is a great alternative if you wish to include some social-follow buttons.

Are you having any concerns about these plugins for social media? Post them via the comment section!

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