15 Real Estate Plugins For WordPress Realty Sites

It is very easy to launch a real estate website using WordPress. You don’t have to be a programmer or have any technical knowledge beyond basics . To get started, you only need a few useful real estate plugins.

WordPress’ real advantage is its community. You can set up a variety of WordPress real estate themes in just a few clicks. These themes will look great on your website, but you need to consider the features of your website.

Real Estate Plugins

Real estate plugins are a great way to help you do this. We have selected the best 15 Real Estate Plugins For WordPress Realty Sites available on the internet. There are likely to be a few plugins that will help you if you want to create a WordPress real estate website or edit an existing one.

1. Toolset Real Estate

Toolset Real Estate is part of the larger Toolset plugin. It’s an all-in one real estate plugin that allows you to easily create a website for real estate.

It allows you to create custom post types and fields. This makes it easy for interested buyers, renters, and investors to quickly see all information about properties. You can also display the results on a grid, list, or map to maximize engagement.

You can filter the search results to improve your user experience. Sliders allow you to showcase multiple images and there is even an option for featured listings that highlights new properties. You can even try it yourself on the demo website.

Toolset comes with an intuitive frontend page that allows property owners to display information. Toolset can integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce if your website is a paid directory. This will allow you to accept all types of payments from anyone who wants to benefit from your site’s traffic.

2. Listings by IMPress

IMPress listings was previously called WP Listings, but has recently received a major overhaul in version 2.0. This plugin has been greatly updated to support custom posts for listing along with taxonomies of current status items (sold or pending) and locations.

IMPress Listings has a demo site where you can test the plugin free of charge. Although it won’t solve all your problems, it can help you with a lot.

The IMPress design is fully responsive and fits in any theme by default. Each listing can be customized with all the details and amenities that home buyers require.

Each property page has a fully featured map and photo galleries. This plugin is free and really stands out.

The IMPress Listings plugin is a great way to quickly add real-time features to your website. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

3. WPL Real Estate

WPL Real Estate another amazing plugin to manage property listings. It stands for WordPress Property Listing and is one of the most popular plugins in WP’s plugin database.

This can be done on your own site or through an agency website. All properties support custom taxonomies. This allows you to define the number of beds/baths and total square footage, as well as which amenities are included.

This plugin also supports its own custom search hook, which means that it runs through its database. This allows for faster search results, custom search pages and even customized search pages depending on whether visitors are searching your listing or your website.

What’s the down side? This plugin is very detailed, and may be a bit too bulky for some people.

There is a premium version available and a main website that provides more information about all features. You can see that the free version has many features.

If you are looking for something simpler, I recommend IMPress Listings.

Agents who are looking for the best performance in database queries and user searches may consider the WPL Real Estate plugin.

4. Essential Real Estate

Essential Realty is a great option if you don’t like having to deal with complicated setups. The plugin is completely free and supports many other features than just property listing.

This program will allow you to manage multiple agents, track stats and invoices, as well as perform transactions and customer scheduling. You can add properties to the listings using custom post types. On the side, you can also run a blog.

Visitors and sellers can also submit properties. A small form can be added to allow users to submit their information and for potential buyers to sign up.

There are many user-friendly features, but these are the most important.

  • With payment options, you can create custom profiles
  • Filters that are based on your location
  • Searches saved
  • Optional premium listings
  • Property bookmarking

This thing is huge. Although it’s geared toward large agencies, a single agent could use this site to their advantage.

This intro video is a little more detailed and comes directly from the plugin developers.

5. WP-Property

WP Property has many great features, not to mention the fact that it is free.

It can support all types of properties, including rentals, large assets, and commercial items. This plugin can also be used as a general sale plugin , so you can show almost any item you are brokering.

It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, so you don’t need to write any code. The backend allows you to manage all the features, including pricing and sales status. You can also change upcoming dates for tours.

This plugin is free to try out and see if it suits your needs. It’s as good as other property plugins, but it’s smaller and more user-friendly.

The plugin’s developers support -related add-ons, if you need more features.

6. Estatik

Estatik may be the best plugin to expand your real estate website. It is easy to use from the backend, and has many listing features.

Estatik’s stunning design, which can be integrated into any theme, is the real deal. This plugin can be used with the default WordPress theme.

It supports photo galleries, Google maps, social sharing and multi-language support. This plugin has no disadvantages, other than the complexity of setting it up.

With the price tag being free, I can’t think of a better place than this. Even if you don’t want to spend on a real estate theme but prefer to use a plugin.

7. Gravity Forms

Every website should have a Contact Page. These are best practices regardless of the size of your website or audience.

Agents might require more than an email contact form. You might want pages to help buyers and sellers, or allow potential buyers to schedule tours by email.

Gravity forms is my favorite plugin for WordPress forms.

Because it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, it is widely considered the best resource for nonprogrammers. This plugin’s detailed review is available on our website. Click here to find out more.

8. SumoMe

Email lists can be very lucrative and agents need to start collecting them as soon as possible. You have two options: organize emails into buyers and sellers, or send them all together in one email blast.

It is important to quickly grab emails and then use that list to promote your properties. This can be done with either a sidebar widget or an email plugin such as SumoMe. It works with Sumo which is a premium product, but the WordPress plugin can be used for free.

It’s the best tool for email capture and I love their plugin.

To find out more, visit the Sumo review and the plugin’s website.

9. Calendar for Appointment Booking

House tours are quite common in real estate. Encourage people to take tours, and encourage them to move quickly.

You can book appointments online with the Appointment Booking Calendar plugin. You can also set specific dates, times, or individual properties from within your WordPress admin.

The site allows visitors to choose from a predefined list of dates and then pick the ones that best suit them. All bookings can then be accessed directly in WordPress.

This plugin is another free one and it’s the best for budget-friendly tours.

10. Bookly

Bookly is another online booking plugin that you might consider.

It is completely free and suitable for all kinds of house tours. Once you have installed the plugin, you can select which dates you are available to take a tour. The signup form works with all WordPress themes, both free and paid.

Customers will receive an email notification and an SMS message from us confirming their signup for the tour once they sign up. This notification can be set up for you too, making it one of the best ways to track tours online.

11. WP Amortization Calculator

This is not a standard feature for every realty website. It is an excellent addition to any website that offers quick calculations.

The WP Mortgage Calculator allows you to add a calculator webapp to any page on your website. This can be added to the sidebar, or any section of your main page.

It’s easy to calculate mortgage rates and find out how much a user would need to pay for a monthly mortgage payment.

Although it is not required for real estate websites, this plugin is definitely useful.

12. Privacy and Auto ToS

Websites require a Terms of Service page and a Privacy Policy. These could be boilerplates but they are necessary for all sites.

Privacy Policy and Auto ToS are my preferred plugins for this. It is completely free and automates most of the process.

Most websites use Google Analytics to track and this requires a ToS/privacy Policy. This plugin is free for even the most basic WordPress websites.

13. Subscribe to Emails and Receive Newsletters

Sumo is a great way to get leads. You can store these leads locally with the Newsletter Subscribers and Newsletters plugin.

All of this is controlled from one place, the WordPress dashboard. You can control how many emails you send each month, who they are sent to, and how your lists are organized.

The opt-in box can be added to any widgetized area on your website or into any page using shortcodes . This plugin is a very basic configuration. I recommend it as a list manager tool and not as a lead generation tool.

14. MailPoet

MailPoet is another popular email management solution. This plugin is completely free and can be used with as many lists you want.

MailPoet 3 was launched by the dev team. It updates many of the interface features and supports autoresponders. To see the live demo, you can visit this link.

But, if you are not an expert in email marketing, I recommend using another platform. MailPoet is great, but there are some limitations.

15. UPTOWN Real Estate Plugin

Last but not least, the premium Uptown Real Estate Plugin.

It is the only plugin that can do it all. This plugin offers amazing property listing designs with maps and custom fields. You can filter by property features such as size, number of rooms or location.

UPTOWN plugin is more expensive than the other options, but it’s still a great toolkit for real estate agents. If you don’t like the free options and want a powerful plugin that can handle all of your real estate needs, this is the place to look.

Wrapping up

You’ll find that WordPress plugins are often less than you think. Too many plugins can slow down your website, and that takes extra to fix.

This post will help you get started if you are launching a realty website. There are many real estate WordPress plugins that can help you list properties online and create online calendars to schedule tours.

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