Newspaper Theme Review PROS & CONS in 2022 – Is It Good?

Content publishers, such as media publications, online sellers news firms, as well as bloggers can take advantage of a quality WordPress magazines theme. The themes can be used to emphasize certain categories of information and showcase large volumes of information. Spaces built-in for banner advertising are often included as these themes are typically created for bloggers and publishers.

One of them one of these themes is Newspaper. It is among the most well-known WordPress magazine themes , and developed by the excellent tagDiv team. In this newspaper theme review, we will go over the advantages, features as well as disadvantages in more in depth. I hope this will provide you with enough details to help you decide if this theme will meet your requirements.

Newspaper Theme Review

Newspaper Theme Review

Everybody can benefit from The Newspaper template. It’s perfect for reviewing publication, magazine news, newspapers WooCommerce shop, store and more. Vimeo YouTube and YouTube videos are available for support.

Theme is GDPR compliant and also provides Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support. Web development, minimal projects online, luxury personal, travel lifestyle, modern fashion, food cryptocurrency, and a myriad of different niche web sites are able to utilize Newspaper theme.

WooCommerce BuddyPress BbPress, WooCommerce , Instagram all offer integration with the Newspaper theme. The theme uses the most effective SEO practices for search engines, AdSense and Google Ads are available and the theme is fully responsive and responsive, among other things.

You can have a new website online within a matter of minutes thanks to Newspaper theme’s intuitive, simple choices. Newspaper theme includes a variety of plugins you can utilize without having to install third-party plugins. Additionally, the tagDiv Composer plugin acts as a powerful and custom frontend page creator.

Newspaper Theme Review

Here’s a quick overview on the newspaper theme’s principal characteristics:

  • Publishers, online stores, and other industries can benefit from this popular journal and theme for news.
  • With premium features.
  • Layouts are receptive and designed to draw the attention of viewers.
  • This theme has been optimized to work on mobile devices of all kinds.
  • A single mouse click is all is needed to begin by launching more than 130 different demonstrations for animals, architecture technology travel as well as music, cryptocurrency, sports and many more areas.
  • The theme is optimized to work with Gutenberg.
  • This theme comes AMP ready.
  • It also has a mobile theme that comes in newspaper theme.
  • The Newspaper theme is compliant with GDPR.
  • Over 120 already-built prototype designs.
  • More than 1500 pre-built template designs of pages and posts are included using tagDiv Cloud Library. tagDiv Cloud Library plugin that’s included.
  • It is possible to lock content and you can also expand your list of email subscribers using the built-in tagDiv Opt in Builder.
  • Additional WooCommerce capabilities can be integrated into your site using the tagDiv Shop extension plugin.
  • Banner ads that are responsive, AdSense, and Google Ads are available.
  • It is fully compatible with WPML plugin..
  • newsletter, Exchange, Social Counter and Weather widgets can be utilized.
  • Built-in Translation Panel that includes more than 90 languages translations.
  • The tagDiv Composer Page builder lets you design distinctive designs and modify template demos for your site. The simple Drag and Drop feature streamlines the process.
  • You can design unique headers and footers with the builder for footers and headers.
  • You can regulate the content you see in specific posts and categories by using The Flex block feature. These blocks can sort and filter content by “Highest Rated, “Popular (last 7 day),” “Last Updated Content,” “Most Commented,” and many other attributes.
  • It is possible to effectively manage every typefaces that are utilized.
  • A review system is available that allows users to rate items using points or percentages, as well as stars.
  • Schema that has rich microdata snippets for reviews and articles

Pre-Built Demos

There’s no need to design a brand-new website starting from scratch when your site is built using the newspaper theme. Just a single click on your mouse will be all needed to import any of the more than 120 fully-designed website designs.

Newspaper Theme Review

You can begin customizing the front-end after you’ve picked a design you enjoy.

How To Customize Theme Settings?

You can view the vast majority of your settings globally in the theme panel’s detailed section. This section lets you modify the theme’s settings however you like. The Newspaper theme does not use the default WordPress Customizer. A few users may be dissatisfied because they can’t preview the changes that are being implemented.

If you do download a single demo, it has all the settings already defined and all the settings that you’re performing on the frontend, for one template, for instance, will be applied on the layout of all posts.

tagDiv Cloud Library

tagDiv Cloud Library tagDiv Cloud Library includes all the pre-built theme content. It is possible to view all of the available templates by visiting the WordPress Dashboard’s Cloud Library area.

You are able to mix and match over 1,500 different templates. The templates are made to fit a specific theme or pages. There are templates for blog posts and search page templates. header templates, footer templates and many more.

Newspaper Theme Review

The templates you require will be automatically added once the demo is transferred. You can also personalize your website to meet your needs by using any of the templates available.

Its Cloud Library section located in the upper right side of your screen, will allow users to import new templates. The new template needs been imported in the event that you intend to modify a particular template or page. The tagDiv Composer will let you alter your template to suit your needs.

Editing Content With tagDiv Composer

TagDiv’s Composer Page creator is among the newspaper themes’ most impressive features. Cloud Templates imported can be changed in to any manner you wish with this builder. It is also possible to create completely new designs, if you like. Numerous building modules can be utilized.

This drag-and-drop feature lets you include any module that is available into your designs. You can also change the order of your existing modules. The design and content of the sidebar of a module are changed after clicking on the module.

Three buttons will be displayed when you launch TagDiv Composer. These are three buttons: Add Element or load Template (from the Cloud Library), or Website Manager.

Newspaper Theme Review

You can customize headers and footers that could be assigned to your entire website or for specific pages by using Website Manager. Website Manager. Additionally, you can set up fonts for headers content, footer, and header sections.

When you click on an element, it allows you to modify the element. You can apply your own CSS and move the element to a different position on the page, or change styles settings.

A visual menu is utilized to add new elements. Elements are classified according to the categories which they belong to. The sheer number of elements available might be overwhelming at first however, I appreciated the rational order. Being able to visualize every element in a visual way makes it much easier.

Newspaper Theme Review

You’ll find nearly all the elements you’d imagine and more. A Covid-19 counter for statistics is one of the many surprising items accessible. Utilizing the search function can assist in finding specific elements faster.

Header Builder

You can change and build several headers for websites using Header Builder. Header Builder feature. Mobile Header and Header Live Search and the Header Main Menu are a few of the header options.

Newspaper Theme Review

Its live search function in the Header function is an extremely valuable and under-appreciated tool. Users can access instant results when entering keyword phrases into the search form.

Its Header Live Search will bring up posts, articles, and websites that match the keyword, providing users the information they’re looking for immediately. You can further personalize each result using padding on the meta data and changing the size of the image to fit the page.

Footer Builder

Footers are able to be import, made and modified with a footer builder. You can also add your footers to template and page.

Newspaper Theme Review


  • TagDiv’s tagDiv Composer Page Builder allows you to create any number of footers that you require using the frontend.
  • Pages and templates can be equipped with various footers.
  • Over 69 footer templates ready to use.
  • The Footer is saved for later use.
  • Footer appearances on various devices can be personalized.
  • You can choose the footer that you would like to show in the present page using The Website Manager.
  • Pages and templates can also be without footers with”No Footer” option “No Footer” option.

Post Templates

There are 70 single post templates that are compatible in conjunction with The Newspaper theme. You can create as many layouts and templates as you like.


  • There are templates that resemble post-style. Each template can be completely customized.
  • It’s not a limit on the amount of post templates that could be made with TagDiv Composer.
  • Advertisements may appear in the form of a modal window, which draws attention to the content. The video is able to be viewed without having to open the content.
  • Videos are displayed on your screen even when you use the Sticky Video Player is used. Users can scroll down the screen, but the video will remain present and playing.

WooCommerce Capabilities

Newspaper also comes with additional support and features that are compatible with WooCommerce. Some of the additional features include product search filtering as well as layouts of product pages that have excellent conversion rate, as well as an enormous collection of shortcodes and shop components.

Newspaper Theme Review


  • More than 27 shortcodes that work with WooCommerce.
  • 32 shop templates can be customized to suit your needs. want.
  • It is the Advanced Product Filters System can be extremely helpful.
  • There are eight modern, pre-built shops.

Mobile Theme

The focus on mobile users is an additional essential aspect in the newspaper theme. A design for small screen users is also included. A highly designed mobile-friendly versions of your site will be developed when this feature is activated.

Newspaper Theme Review

The included tagDiv AMP plugin gives full support to mobile-friendly pages that are accelerated. Mobile users won’t see the same size version of your website. They’ll be seeing the site in a format specifically designed for users with smaller screens.

An easy mobile-friendly menu which makes it simpler for users to interact with your website’s content is an integral an integral part of the function. Content on your site will look stunning regardless of the device it is being displayed on.

Customizable Mobile Pages

The Newspaper theme is also equipped with mobile-friendly pages that can be edited. Each page can be customized with its individual mobile template.

Newspaper Theme Review

tagDiv Opt-in Builder

You can build leads and expand email lists using the tagDiv Opt-in Builder plugin. Content on your site may be locked until visitors input their email address and sign up to gain access to the content.

Newspaper Theme Review

tagDiv Newsletter

You can include a newsletter on your website by using TagDiv’s newsletter plugin. The new element will be added within the tagDiv Composer element list once the plugin is active and installed. Choose the embed form provider you’d like to use. A form with an embed code from FeedBurner, Mailer Lite, or MailChimp is required.

tagDiv Social Counter

tagDiv Social Counter plugin supports tagDiv Social Counter software is compatible with Facebook, Twitter followers, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Google Plus, Soundcloud as well as Feed subscribers. This plugin makes it simple to show the social account statistics.

Newspaper Theme Review

tagDiv CSS Analyzer Tool

You can boost your website’s speed and performance with the aid of the tagDiv’s tool for analyzing CSS. The non-used CSS removes the CSS from the site, while active CSS is reviewed and optimized. Critical CSS is created by combining the clean CSS that was last used and at the lower part of the page is where the CSS that is not critical will be placed.

CSS rules that are applied by the user’s interaction that aren’t present will be checked automatically. Every aspect of CSS is recorded and it is possible to play around with the selected element or section manually. Final CSS of the site will be designed and the critical CSS rules will be split. The rules will be added to your header area of the website.

Smart Sidebars

You can build multiple sidebars. You can also use the Smart sidebar featurelets you control how often and where your sidebars will appear. For example, sidebars featuring widgets that are associated with specific web content may be designed. The relevant sidebar and associated widgets will be displayed when a visitor to the website is browsing an article in the category.

Sidebars that stick function can be enabled when designing site sidebars. If a user scrolls through an entire page the widgets will be visible.

Newspaper Theme Pricing

For $59, The Newspaper Theme is something that many people can manage. Support for six months are included, which could be beneficial to anyone setting up the theme for their WordPress website and is in need of assistance.

Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using a newspaper theme:


  • The theme is designed to be search engine optimized.
  • The design of the theme is contemporary and clear.
  • The theme is optimized for mobile devices.
  • You will receive the customized web page creator tagDiv Composer.
  • There are many high-quality demonstrations to use.
  • The theme is adaptable and is suitable in a variety of categories.
  • It comes loaded with useful plugins.
  • Smart sidebars are a feature.
  • Footer, header builders.
  • You can make money from your website with as many advertising spots as you like.
  • They include a range of blocks, elements and templates available to you.


  • A few users are overwhelmed or intimidated by the variety of choices.

Newspaper Theme Review Conclusion

One of the most popular WordPress magazines is Newspaper. It comes with the tagDiv Composer drag-and-drop page builder, more than 1500 templates that are able to be imported, as well as greater than 120 different demos.

News sites aren’t going to go wrong using The Newspaper design. Making a brand fresh WordPress site or blog website starting from scratch takes a lot of work and energy. However, you can cut down your efforts through the use of newspaper.

It is possible to build all kinds of exclusive niche and specialty news sites using the front-end page builder’s customizable options, connectivity with other tools, and built designs and templates which are completely adaptable.

As themes for newspapers I recommend you look into the Astra themeOceanWP or GeneratePress..

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