Free WooCommerce Cart Upsell Plugin – J Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell Review

The majority of WordPress store owners know the importance of attracting site visitorsin, displaying the various WooCommerce items and encouraging them to purchase items.

But, it’s not always all that’s needed to conclude the line. It is possible that you are losing out on revenue by focusing in the future customer right after the first one begins with the process of checkout.

A buyer who is in the process of to purchase presents a wealth of potential, both upsells and cross-sells. You can determine what your customers buy by cross-selling or upselling products. This could boost the overall sales revenues, revenue, and profit.

There are a number of great WooCommerce cart upsell plugins that will aid in increasing sales numbers. One of them is J Cart Cross-sell and Upsell for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Cart Upsell Plugin

J Cart Upsell And Cross-Sell For WooCommerce

Running an online business that is successful typically begins with a beautiful website and the products customers are looking for. You can influence the purchase choices by upselling and cross-selling products.

J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell WooCommerce uses a new, modal shopping cart that is easily modified to increase sales.


  • Carousels can be used to show more than one option for upselling at the same time.
  • The plugin’s customizable backend allows users to modify the behavior of the plugin such as text, colors, and text.
  • Customers can view specific upsells that have custom-written texts in the checkout summary table or within the cart with modal options.
  • You can modify and configure the triggers for upsells. They could be a predetermined list of items or attributes of the product, as well as cart subtotals or categories of products.
  • When the carts of customers’ meets certain requirements and they are able to be gifted with gifts.
  • You are able to alter the conditions that allow customers to receive gifts. These could be cart subtotals, product categories or attributes, a predefined listing of products.
  • Set a goal and show on the top of the cart a dynamic bar that is synchronized to the total cart

Once you have installed the plugin, you’ll be able to select several tabs. Let’s talk about each of those tabs, and what they provide.


Here you can view the J Cart Upsell the basic settings. These settings comprise:

  • The trigger of the cart modal is hidden either left or right.
  • You can choose to activate or deactivate the option to open the cart automatically when an individual adds certain products to the cart.
  • The single-page version uses AJAX.
  • Scrolling the page when the cart is open can be disabled.
  • Offer upsell items in the order summary at checkout.
  • Include in the WooCommerce order table a column on upsells.
  • The currency is displayed prior to or after the price for an product.
  • Display the standard Default theme, or display The Logo theme (your website’s logo is displayed in the header of the cart in modal).
  • The upper right-hand corner of the header modal can show text you have specified.
  • Modal cart with settings for items like Checkout Order and Click to go Go to cart text etc.
  • Options for a cart that is modal that is empty
  • Show different options for upselling.
  • Labels for different product types within the cart modal.
  • Cart fragments generated by other plugins may be removed or ignored.
  • If your cache is hindering updating carts, then you could make sure that totals of carts are calculated again.
  • Totals of carts can be displayed without VAT.

Style & Colors

You can set the colors, fonts and backgrounds for your buttons, carts as well as gifts, upsells and so on.


The moderator cart is where your customers will view your upsell products. Every item you sell is assessed according to an individual. Upsell items will be highlighted when it is in compliance with specific specifications. If that product doesn’t meet the criteria, the product to follow will be analyzed.

Upsell is not considered if the item is already present in a customer’s shopping cart. Customers are only able to add items from upsell to their shopping carts only one time. The amount of an item that is upsell can’t be changed.

To make an upsells, click”Create an Upsell,” then “Create a new upsell” button. There are additional options to make an upsell.

The options include:

  • Product – The product you would like to include in an upsell.
  • Type of discount – you may offer discounts in the form of percentages, one-time discount or even no discount.
  • Discount amount – Here, you can enter your discount amount.
  • Subtotals that are required for a specific trigger for a particular product.
  • Cart should have Options that do not have conditions, or one or more of the products listed above, as well as at a minimum an item that has a category or attribute.
  • Headings – Your upsell products can be identified with short text sections.
  • Description Text – long text that can be used to upsell.

Under the Upsell tab, you will look up all current upsells and have the option of putting off an upsells, delete or modify.


If certain conditions are satisfied, gift items are added to the customers’ shopping cart immediately. The gift will be taken out of the cart if the customer decides to remove something from their cart and the gift requirement not being fulfilled.

Store owners might want to conceal gift items from the store to ensure that customers are unable to view them. This can be done by using an encryption. Your customers won’t be able access gift products even though they’re available on your website.

To make gifts, click”Create Gifts” and then click on the “Create a new gift” button. There are additional options for creating gifts.

The options include:

  • Product This is where you choose the gift that will be added to the.
  • One per purchase – If you do not want your gifts to be restricted to one per purchase You can activate this option to ensure that gifts are distributed in accordance with the amount of items that are in the client’s web-based shopping cart.
  • Subtotal required for the product to be activated the necessary subtotal to trigger the gift to be activated.
  • Cart must include a gift product in case cart has any of the listed products. The options are not a requirement that you purchase one of these items or at the very least one that is categorized or has an attribute.
  • Heading – Short text to define gift.
  • Description Long text that defines the gift.

You can check the status of the active gifts and have the option to stop an upsells, edit or delete.

Dynamic Bar

Set a goal and show on the top of the cart a bar that is dynamic and that is synchronized with the total cart.

Here , you can see settings like:

  • The order amount must be set starting from the point at which the goal can be attained.
  • The order amount must be set from which the goal will be achieved.
  • Text displayed after price when the goal has not yet been reached.
  • Text is displayed when the goal is met
  • Bar-style settings with dynamic, bar-style style

Shop Pages

Sometimes, it is beneficial to display directly on the pages of your shop if a particular item gives you a free gift. A label will be displayed on the product’s top after this feature is activated.

The unique text can be added to every gift item. The gift page lets you edit the text of your gift. If you have enabled Loop labels or Single product labels and single product text, you’ll be able to select new options available under”Gifts” tab.

If you’re looking to have badges that match your style, you may have to customize changes on your CSS.

Excluded Pages

You might not wish for the cart to be visible on every page of your site. It is possible to exclude the cart from certain pages. Choose a specific page using the dropdown menu and then select “Add” to add that page to the list of exclusions.

Simply click “Remove” to remove the page from the list of exclusions. The Checkout and Cart pages are both excluded by default.


Here you can find counter shortcodes you can apply to any section of the site.


Below are the essential statistics on upselling, that are based on time intervals.


The plugin is available as both a paid and free version. The one differentiator between this version and professional edition is that the free version doesn’t include options such as Checkout upsell or Recap order table when you go to settings. Also, it doesn’t include a “Cart must have” option for creating gifts or upsells and there’s no “One per order” under the option to give gifts.

Pricing for professional version:

  • $24.99 One annual license
  • $44.99 Annual two-site license
  • $129.99 Unlimited yearly licenses

You can visit the demo website to view the plugin working.

WooCommerce Cart Upsell Plugin Summary

WooCommerce product bundles are a well-known method to boost sales. One of the most important features of online stores is their ability to cross-sell or upsell different products. You must be able to create a compelling website and a loyal customer base before you can begin this process. Experiences with users that are positive and a reputable website will help you sell more products and services.

You are able to explore your cross-selling or upsell options when you’ve established a repeat client base and know that your customers continue to return regularly to purchase the products they need.

J Cart Cross-sell & Upsell WooCommerce upsell for checkout plugin is great, however it’s lacking some functions.

When you are creating an upsells, there are only two requirements to consider. They include “One of these products” and “At least a product with category/attribute.” There are no any advanced rules to develop complicated rules for triggering upsells.

I would like to have the option of showing upsell promotions in accordance with the coupon codes, shipping method and payment gateway or offers for new purchasers or certain user roles, or even make use of the country of purchase, date/time/day of purchase, to show customized upsell deals.

It is no test of A/B upsells too discover which one works for a particular product.

For simple use, J Cart Upsell is an ideal accessory to your store as well as a an extremely useful WooCommerce checkout plugin. It has a very useful statistics tab, the option to remove pages, a dynamic bar, gift-making and style options for customization.

Upsells are easy to create and all of it looks beautiful. The interface is simple to navigate. It is free accessible, however it is recommended to upgrade to access all the features.

For alternatives to J Cart’s Upsell and Cross-sell, make sure to check UpStroke Review or the WISDM Custom Products Bundles plugin.

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