10+ Fastest Lazy Load Image Plugins For WordPress

Lazy loading can be a great way to speed up your website. This technique slows down HTTP requests for content that is lower up on the page, so it loads only when the user scrolls.

This reduces the total page size, which results in a quicker page load time. WordPress’s huge plugin library contains thousands of options for users to choose from.

This Fastest Lazy Load Image guide contains my top picks for lazy-load media plugins that work on WP sites. There are simple plugins that can be installed in one click and more complicated plugins that can target video, photos galleries and in-page pictures.

Fastest Lazy Load Image

1. BJ Lazy Load

The BJ Load plugin gives you complete control over how your webpage loads content. This allows you to manage user comments and in-page images, as well as special media such as iframes that allow embed videos to be displayed.

The plugin is installed right within WordPress, so you can choose which features you need. It doesn’t have any impact on the user experience so it feels very simple.

This does not rely on JavaScript as many lazy-load plugins in WP’s plugins repository. Visitors with JS disabled won’t see the same result, as the images will load within a noscript tag.

This plugin is a favorite of WordPress users because it’s simple to set up, easy to customize and supports dynamic embeds as well as CDN-powered images.

2. a3 Lazy Load

You might consider the Lazy Load plugin optimized to images for super-content-heavy websites.

This plugin is much more recent and receives frequent updates from the developers. This plugin was designed to support websites with hundreds of images or more.

It actually uses the Lazyload XT JQuery plugin, which is a trusted resource for a long time. This is easy to combine into WordPress.

The a3 plugin also allows you to choose which elements will load lazy loaded content. You can choose to have images displayed on pages or posts. Also, you can decide whether lazy loading should be applied to avatars and comments.

3. Lazy Load XT

The Lazy load XT free plugin is one of the fastest lazy loading plugins for WordPress.

It isn’t something that receives many updates, and currently it’s released under v0.5 with no new updates for two years. It’s unlikely that we will see any updates to this plugin in the future.

It is still available in the WordPress repo, with a 95%+ 5-star rating and many great reviews.

It also depends on the jQuery Lazy Load XT, so it’s basically a port. This plugin is lighter and has fewer features. I recommend it for those who don’t need plugins to slow down their workflow.

4. WP Lazy Load

As an additional resource for WordPress users, developer Mohammad Jangda has released the lazy load plugin. It was built using code that was released by the WordPress team several years ago.

This plugin uses jQuery Sonar in order to determine whether an element is visible on the page. This library is used to execute Ajax calls to obtain images that reduce the page’s size and load time.

This doesn’t offer too many options, which can be a little restrictive.

It’s also an option for those who want to keep their WordPress website lightweight and easy-to-use.

5. Speed Up – Lazy Load

Another example of a super lightweight plugin is this: it takes 5KB to store. Speed up – Lazy load includes all the standard features such as delayed image loading and JS browser detection, for when the user scrolls down the page.

This plugin is updated more often than other plugins. It was last updated approximately 6 months ago, and has been tested up until WordPress v4.7.6 (current version is 4.8.2).

Speed Up is your standard set it and forget it plugin. It is easy to install and runs in the background.

You can get 5KB filesize and nothing smaller.

6. Lazy Loading Responsive Images

Lazy Loading Responsive images offers more customization. This resource was created to handle responsive content using lazy load scripts across all devices.

It does not require JavaScript, as with all other plugins. However, it uses JavaScript.

Tag as a fallback. It loads images exactly as you would expect. The responsive placeholders are used until the user scrolls further down the page.

You’ll also notice that this plugin is still updated frequently, the most recent being 2 weeks ago. It’s a reliable resource that will be useful for many years.

7. JCH Optimize

Although this plugin isn’t , it includes the lazy load functionality.

JCH Optimization is a huge pack of features that will speed up page loading times. This plugin can be installed on any WordPress site. You will immediately see the benefits.

It will automatically combine CSS/JS files to decrease total HTTP requests. It can also minify HTML and generate sprite files to create background CSS images. Neat!

It’s located in the settings page. You can set it up with just one click. This plugin is great for speeding up your website with more than lazy loading.

It’s not an exhaustive resource. You’ll still need to use other resources, such as a caching plugin along with JCH Optimize.

8. Smart4y Lazy Load

Smart4y is a premium option if you are comfortable going the premium route. It is super lightweight and fast.

This plugin was released just a few months before this post was written. You can also get 6 months of support if you purchase a copy. This will help you set it up and resolve any problems.

This allows you to target multiple page elements for features:

  • Iframes and embedded content
  • Images for specific posts/pages
  • You can target only pages or posts, or both.
  • Set your own loading threshold
  • Even before images are loaded, keep a fixed aspect ratio

Have a look at the main page to see what you think. This is the only premium plugin that I recommend, even though there are many free options.

9. Videos with Lazy Load

Are you looking for an easy way to lazy load embedded videos? Lazy load for videos is the best option.

This plugin can be used in two ways. It can be used to lazy load embedded videos by webmasters without having to touch images or it can be used with another lazy load plugin.

This is because it saves placeholder images for videos prior to loading. It will pull thumbnail images from videos in order to preserve the aspect ratio. You can also customize the embeds of the player by adding annotations or controls.

If you want to learn more about the plugin or contribute something, you can visit the GitHub repo.

10. Zedna WP Image Lazy Load

Some lazy loading plugins do not support CSS background images. But this is one thing Zedna WordPress Image Lazy Load has going for it.

This plugin targets all images on the page, embedded media in iframes, and obviously it does. It can also be used to target CSS background images, if you wish those assets lazy loaded.

It works with HTML5 video elements, so you can lazy load embedded videos. It’s pretty cool!

You can also specify animation styles and the threshold for loading content. There are also certain classes that you can use to disable lazy load functionality.

11. Crazy Lazy

Crazy is not well-known by many WordPress users, as it does not appear in the top search results for lazy load plug-ins. This one is a great choice due to its small size and careful selection in jQuery plugs.

Crazy Lazy uses either the Unveil.js script to create more dynamic themes, or the Lazyload.js plugin for smaller themes.

You have complete control over the CSS and can make default images appear however you want (before loading). You can also add the data attribute data-crazy-lazy to your code to exclude images from lazy loading.

Although it is not the most flashy plugin, it’s an intelligent choice that uses a small but stable codebase.

You can now be lazy! Fastest Lazy Load Image

There’s bound to be something that will make your images lazy out of all the options. With WordPress plugins, you can set up anything with just a few mouse clicks.

You can take another look at this list to see which ones stand out. To find the one that you like best, you can test several of these plugins. You can also run performance tests on WP servers to find which plugins are really the fastest.

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