Create WooCommerce Discount Rules Using Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules Plugin

Businesses must expand and keep a loyal client base. A consistent and consistent customer base allows them to stay in operation and stay profitable and profitable. Offering discounts or other rewards is a great method to demonstrate to your customers that they are important in your eyes. This can lead to regular orders and establish confidence and is possible through the WooCommerce discount rule plugin.

Offering a superior service that your competitors aren’t able to match will guarantee that your customers continue to return. Similar products or services can have different prices depending on the date it was bought or the buyer. This is referred to as the dynamic price. Share Theme will let you know how to Create WooCommerce Discount Rules Using Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules Plugin at this post.

WooCommerce Discount Rules

Customers are likely to return since they feel appreciated. This could help increase profits and revenue. This can also boost your sales numbers by attracting new business and repeat customers.

It is possible to accomplish this task by using this plugin Woosuite Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules extension.

Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules Review

The capability the ability to give price fluctuations and other conditions are only some of the numerous options can be accessed by this WooCommerce discount rule plugin has to offer. It is easy to apply discounts based on the role of the user minimum order requirements, or product categories. You can encourage more customers to purchase from you by giving discounts that are only valid for a specific time.

You are able to define guidelines on what, where and when every discount is allowed. Discount offers must also be offered to certain kinds of customers.


  • Create dynamic pricing discounts. These discounts can be utilized within certain dates or for specific categories of products, for minimum quantity orders, or according to user roles. Discounts may be subject to multiple conditions.
  • Special offers and various pricing are provided to different customers for the same product.
  • Create minimum quantities of products to be included in your shopping cart.
  • The more products customers purchase more items, the lower their per-item cost will be.
  • If a particular quantity of a item is purchased at full cost, this could result in a discount for the same quantity of another product.
  • A fixed amount or percentage can be used to get price reductions.
  • This page is designed to present the available deals to users in a way that is easy to comprehend and doesn’t seem overwhelming.
  • The export/import feature allows you to download your data into CSV format. You can then export your rules into CSV format, edit it when necessary, after which you can import.
  • Each user group has distinct browsing options. Multiple discounts can be provided to all guests, customers, users, or based on the role of a user.
  • Improves cart abandonment rates.

Pricing Rules

Woosuite Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules includes different ways that can be used to create and implementing pricing rules:

  • Pricing of single items Special offer and bulk pricing for each item.
  • Prices for orders Based on the total amount in an online shopping cart for customers.
  • Prices for roles pricing is set according to the role of the user. Different roles and user segments are able to be offered price and discounts.
  • Category pricing pricing based on categories of products (Simple category pricing for products and Advanced price for categories of products).

Simple implies that the same rules applies to any product regardless of size. However, advanced implies that the rules are applied based on quantities:

  • In the case of orders, you will be charged the total cost of the purchase.
  • The quantity of goods bought is used to determine categories and for products.
  • Bulk is the term used to describe the rule that applies to all items covered by the rule.
  • Special offer implies that the rule is only applicable to a specific amount.

How Does It Work?

The first step you must make is to visit the pricing tab for your plugin. You will be able to find numerous tabs.

Order Totals

It is possible to set price adjustments depending on the purchase amount of your entire shop in the section below. This is the final discount rule to be applied to orders from customers. If discounts other than the one mentioned above have been applied to items in the cart the rules won’t apply to cart items.

Choose “Add Pricing Group,” that lets you create a group and then apply an array of criteria to one specific job, and apply a set of rules to all other users.

You can then set up rules that include:

  • Admin Title – Assign group title. This title will not appear to the customers.
  • Quantities determined by the categories you choose to select “Category Total” or the categories that are eligible for discount, and all categories must be present in the customer’s online shopping cart before they are eligible for the discount. Select “Cart Total” for the totality of the cart.
  • is applicable to the following roles: You can select specific roles or apply the rule to everyone. Selecting Specific Roles allows you to select which roles the customer has to be a part of in order to have the rule apply.
  • Dates The prices are applied in the time period you choose.
  • Maximum Order Value A buyer must have the minimum amount of money in their shopping cart in order to be eligible under the rules.
  • Maximum Order Value You can select your maximum order amount in accordance with the rules.
  • Type Percentage Discount is the sole choice that is possible to made in this section.
  • Amount – In this area you’ll be able enter the number to get an offer.

Choose “Save Changes” to enable the rule.

Roles Pricing

In this section, you can establish price rules for the store based on the users’ roles. There is a list of all roles that are available on your website.

If you’d like to activate discounts for a specific function, you can simply turn the switch that says Enabled towards “Yes.” You can choose the type of discount you want to activate. Price Discount will be discounted by the amount you specify, while the Percentage Discount discount will be based on the percentage.

Category Pricing

Bulk item prices according to product categories can be assigned using the bulk pricing of categories. The rules for category pricing which you set will be applied prior to any price discounts based on role.

Categories for your store’s products will be listed on the category pricing tab. To enable discounts for a specific category, switch the toggle in the category to “Yes.”

You can now select the kind of discount. You can choose the Price Discount , or percentage discount.

If a product falls into different categories and both categories offer discounts and the bigger discount will be used.

Rules will be displayed on the shelves as if the item is currently on sale, by cutting through pricing and incorporating the new price based on category.

Single Product Pricing

You can create an automated pricing rules to a specific product. Go to Product Data > Pricing Discount Rules > Add Pricing Group.

These rule-based configurations may be created:

  • applies to rules that can be applied to everyone or just specific roles.
  • Quantities Based on the following: Here you can select the Product Quantity and Variation Quantity and cart line item Quantity as well as Quantity of the Category.
  • Rules processing method mode Bulk is able to apply this rule to everything during Special Offers are limited to a certain amount.
  • Dates The prices are valid only within the date interval you specify.
  • Table rate You’ll also have to set table rates in conjunction with your pricing policies. Rates may vary based on whether you selected the “Special Offer” or “Bulk” option was selected.

Plugin Price

Woosuite Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules plugin is available with three price plans. Standard plan costs $99 per year for use for one website. If you choose the Professional plan at $139 per year you can avail additional features such as minimal cart requirement, quantity discounts coupons, coupon management, etc.

The Professional plan lets you will receive these plugins:

  • Discount rules and dynamic pricing
  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules
  • User Registration
  • Table of product
  • Restriction rules
  • Wholesale Pricing Pro

All Acess plan for those who want access to the entire fourteen Woosuite plugins. The cost is $349/year. There are no plans for multi-site, which can be expensive when used on more than one site.

Each plan comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Creating WooCommerce Discount Rules Conclusion

It takes time and energy to manage an effective WooCommerce website. It may take some time to increase revenue and sales especially when you are facing many companies competing in your sector.

Innovative strategies, methods that are logical and swift actions must to be implemented to give customers every reason to shop on your site. Making discount rules for your WooCommerce stores and utilizing dynamic pricing is one method that many businesses use to grab attention and draw interest.

With different pricing rules, you can determine selling prices for your goods and services. This can also help draw visitors to your site with discounts that keep visitors returning to your site frequently.

Some businesses create trust and loyalty among their customers by introducing dynamic pricing rules to account changes in the competition, suppliers demand, as well as other important aspects of the marketplace. You can better manage your inventory and store levels with the help of pricing rules.

There are a variety of WooCommerce dynamic pricing plug-ins that are able to establish dynamic pricing and rules for your store, however Woosuite Dynamic Price and Discount Rules is among the top options available.

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