Booster Theme Review v6.0.5 – The Best Shopify Theme in 2022?

The Booster Theme is something you may have heard of before. However, if this article is reading, it is likely that you have not yet purchased it.

This Booster Theme Review will cover everything this Shopify theme has to offer and whether it is worth the investment.

Let’s find out if this is your new theme for 2022!

Update: The review has been updated with the latest version of the Booster theme! (Version 6.0.5)

Booster Theme Review

Review of Booster Theme: A quick review for busy people


It’s a great theme.

The Shopify theme is packed with features that can help you increase sales for your online store.

These themes are 2x faster than any other Shopify themes! This is amazing!

If you have the budget, this Shopify theme is perfect for you!

The Booster Theme can be viewed here. You will find a discount code at my end. Use it to make the theme even more affordable.

For a deeper look at the Booster theme, continue reading:

What is the Booster Theme exactly? How is it different from other themes?

Shopify Store Owners can install the Booster Theme to increase sales.

How is it any different from free themes?

The main difference is that those who buy a paid theme like the BoosterTheme have a larger budget than most online store owners.

Dropshipping is an example of this. Most dropshippers who are just starting out don’t have much money and want to make more.

They find a free theme like the Brooklyn Theme to be a great way to start because it’s not expensive.

Don’t worry if dropshipping is not your thing; the Booster theme still offers tons of great features!

Dropshippers start to look at ways to increase conversion rates and sales once they have earned a little more.

Most Shopify themes are purchased here. These themes offer so much more than just a free theme.

The Booster theme helps to save around $281 per monthly on Shopify app costs. All these features are already included in the theme.

Booster themes, which are premium themes, will most likely help with speeding up their site’s loading speeds. This is because, as you might know, visitors are more inclined to abandon a site that loads slowly.

The Booster theme includes all the required features, so your store will not need to launch separate javascripts (as it might when you have a Shopify app for each feature).

This will help to reduce the loading time of your pages by a lot.

These results are even displayed on their website.

Review of Booster Theme: Is this your next Shopify theme.

Are you ready for the real deal?

Do you want to take a look at the Booster theme from the inside?

Let’s start with this amazing in-depth review on the Booster theme!

Here are the highlights of the Booster Theme.

Don’t worry, I won’t just use images from their landing pages. It will look inside from what I will show you!

I will then answer any questions people may have about the Booster Theme before they purchase it.

And, of course, at the end, you will find my final verdict on whether or not this Shopify paid theme is worth it!

Let’s start by looking at the Booster Theme’s features:

What sales-boosting features are in the Booster Theme?

The Booster theme claims to be THE Shopify theme that instantly boosts sales and converts more customers. You can add things like this to your landing page, for example:

What features, then, can you add to your sales?

How much can you save if the Booster Theme is purchased instead of buying Shopify apps?

Let’s see!

You can view screenshots from the Booster theme so you can decide if it is for you.

This was because many reviews only include images from the Booster theme landing page. I know that this won’t help me in my decision making process for choosing a theme or any other product.

1. Make your images shoppable with the Lookbook

They added this great feature to their V5 version: The lookbook.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t know what it means. Below is a brief explanation:

This lookbook allows you to create shoppable images that visitors can click on to buy the products you “tagged”.

To explain this feature better, I will use their jewel demo store.

The “tags” might be visible, but if not, these white dots are.

It will display the product if a visitor taps or moves their mouse.

You can then create an image that will let your customers know what products you have.

This lookbook feature was used by the Booster theme in the demo store.

2. Currency converter

If you intend to sell in multiple countries, this is a must-have.

This is why Shopify stores are so great.

Multinational sales requires visitors who are familiar with different currencies.

These potential customers are important to you, so don’t lose them.

What do they think will happen if they visit your site and attempt to calculate the price using their home currency?

Yes, they could never return.

Perhaps they were distracted or they are unable to find your store.

You can expect a lot from your visitors if they calculate their own prices in their currency.

What can you do then?

A currency converter is required for your store. You can display the product price in local currency.

You can read the rest of this article

Amazingly, a currency converter can be added to the Booster theme!

Simply go to Template Settings -> Internationalization

Then you have this set-up menu.

This is also how it looks when you change the currency in Shopify.

It looks clean, right?

My opinion: I personally like the design of this currency converter. This is not the norm for currency converters.

3. Their cart page

You can see how clean and beautiful their cart page looks.

These are some of the things you should look at on your cart page:

  • Savings. This is awesome! Everyone knows that saving money is a good thing. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love saving money on purchases.
  • Clean colors. You can change the colors in the theme settings to match your store’s colors.
  • Note on currency conversion. Note about currency conversion.

It’s not necessary to direct your customers to the cart page. If you don’t want to, they can skip it entirely and go directly to the checkout page.

4. Sales Notifications

You can increase trust by having sales notifications appear.

These notifications contain information about sales history.

These apps are designed to increase trust among your customers if other people purchase your products.

You can even have fake past orders in some apps. This allows you to use the app even though you haven’t made any sales yet.

However, before you use sales notifications, it is important to decide whether you like them. It can be annoying for some people to see the same things popping up all over their screens.

You can read the rest of this article

The best thing about the Booster theme is that you can already receive sales notifications.

This feature can be accessed on any Shopify store without the need for a separate Shopify app.

You can enable or disable sales notifications easily, as you can see from my screenshot:

You can also make a difference!

From the frequency of sales notifications to the message being displayed. This is an example of how such a notification will look in your store.

You can customize the notification to your liking.

5. Countdown timer

Countdown timers

You are likely to already be familiar with countdown timers and their purpose in boosting conversion rates.

If you don’t know what this means, read on!

A countdown timer in your product description can help create urgency and a sense for your customers.

Customer hesitation is the number one killer of ecommerce conversions. If a customer thinks that “maybe later”, it opens the door to a sales-killing distraction, such as a competitor’s offer, a notification by phone, or even a change in heart.

One way to convince shoppers to act immediately is urgency.

Among the many features of the Booster Theme was a countdown clock!

Simply go to Theme Options -> Countdown Timer [APP]

Scroll down to see the settings for the countdown timer. Make sure to save it and add it to the product page by clicking ‘Add content. (See the image below).

Once you have everything set correctly (e.g. how long the timer runs) you can see it on your product page.

It looks clean and not spammy.

You can change the position of the timer as you wish. You want it to appear before the Add to Cart button. No worries:

6. Increase your average order value

You have many options with the Booster theme to increase your Order Value ( AOV).

Here’s an easy explanation by Omniconvert if you don’t understand what AOV is.

In reality, the average order value is the average amount of each customer’s transaction. It is simply the sum of the total income earned over a time period or during an activity divided by the number order. We get the average order value.

Total income/no. The average order value is the sum of all orders.

If your online store generates $1,000 per month and you have 23 orders, then the average order value would be $1,000/23 = $43.47.

First, you can offer a product package on your product page.

You have complete control over the product that you want to be included in your bundle.

You can also show your customers more products by showing them related products.

You can also increase your Shopify store’s average order value by using the Booster theme.

This option can be found in the Theme settings of the Booster Theme -> Shop & Add to Cart.

Don’t forget to include products to your ‘upsell collection. It will appear whenever someone adds a new product to their cart.

7. Free Shipping

This feature is perfect for Shopify customers who are currently offering Free Shipping and No Shipping Charges

It will detect any products that are free or eligible for shipping.

You can also customize the cart button 100%.

You can then put the call for action you desire (as shown in the above image).

8. You can easily adjust every setting on your product page

Using the Booster Theme you can adjust all aspects of your product pages.

You decide what’s displayed.

These are the items you can modify on your product page.

You can drag most options from the Booster theme to where you like. If you would like the price of the product to be above the title,

You can also edit the badges at bottom.

There are many options on the product page.

9. Additional features

The Booster theme has many features. I won’t be able to list them all here.

You should visit the website.

You can then see their entire features!

What are the savings if you buy the Booster Theme and not separate Shopify apps?

If you don’t want the Booster theme, you can save $3300 on your Shopify app annual fees!

My opinion: Although the savings are amazing, don’t buy the theme just to save $3300. If you haven’t purchased Shopify apps before, then you won’t be able to save $3300.

Are there any demos for the Booster Theme?


This is a great way for you to test the theme and decide if it suits your needs.

These demo stores will give you a true “feel” for the theme.

The first demo shop can be found here.

The second demo shop can be found here.

You can also find the third demo shop here.

You can also find the last Demo Store here.

These designs are amazing, right?

Do you know what the best thing about demo stores?

To get an advantage, you can import them into your store! (Read more below)

Review of Booster Theme: Common Questions People Have About This Theme

Let’s continue our Booster Theme review by answering some common questions that Shopify customers have about the theme.

1. Who are the creators and authors of the Booster theme?

Justin B. and Mark L. are the creators of the Booster Theme.

I found an excellent piece on their website that explains their history.

There you can also see how large the company is, and how many Shopify Stores are currently using the Booster theme!

Here’s what I found on their site:

We are no different from you. Every day we put in the effort to make Booster what it is today. We started small with no employees and did everything ourselves. Today, Booster employs more than 19 people to improve one theme.

Our theme has been updated more than 57 times, adding new features each time. It’s not something we shy away from. We had many ups and downs but never gave up.

Today, Booster has more than 6700 Shopify stores using its theme every day without ever being in the Shopify Theme Store. We are proud of the theme and appreciate all our users. We appreciate you choosing our theme.

2. Is the latest version the Booster Theme available? Are they updating it often?

The theme has been updated as you can see.

You can also purchase the Booster Theme version 6.0.

Do you, for example, remember the demo shops at the beginning of the review.

These can be imported easily by downloading the Booster theme to get a headstart:

3. What language is the Booster Theme?

The Booster theme is available in 10 languages at the moment and can be easily translated into any language.

It will translate your store into the language of your customers, which is a great thing!

4. Is the price for the Booster theme a one-time payment? Are there monthly fees for the Booster Theme?

Both yes and no

Let me explain.

First, the Booster theme does not have a monthly fee.

Each license comes with one year of support. You will need to extend your license if you are interested in a longer support term.

You can update the theme at any time! You don’t have to pay any annual fees if your support ends after the first year.

Below you will find information on the pricing, as they offer a yearly option.

5. What is the support for Booster Theme’s?

They speak out about their support staff as follows:

The Booster theme focuses on the hiring of college-educated people in over 11 countries, including USA, Canada, Finland, Indonesia and Philippines.

Our support team is available to assist you 24 hours a day with all your Booster products. We will respond within the next business day to your support request.

It is important to note that their support has slowed down since they upgraded their theme to the most recent version (6.0).

As you can see, they offer a 14 day refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with their service (hopefully they will fix it soon), don’t hesitate to ask for a return!

6. Is it possible to get a refund for the Booster Theme

This is a great idea! They didn’t initially allow refunds.

We do not offer refunds because Booster Theme offers irrevocable non-tangible goods.

This is your responsibility as a customer when you purchase any item on our site.

They have changed the rules slightly. Now you can get a complete refund in 14 days.

The Booster theme is covered by a 14-day guarantee. You can return your product within 14 days by contacting our support team.

7. Is it possible to get the Booster Theme free of charge?

Yes, but also no.

According to my research, there are several versions of the Booster Theme’s first version (1.0).

They added a license key verification to the end.

However, I do not recommend downloading anything online if your aren’t 100% certain about the contents.

These files can be used to hide malware, and you’ll likely notice it too late.

This Quora question will help you to learn more about the subject.

Review of Booster Theme: Get a Discount Code

Looking for a Discount Code?


With Share Theme, you only need to pay 50$ for lifetime subscription plan, you can check more here


The Booster Theme now costs only $399 It also works with the lifetime subscription plan or $249 per yearly subscription plan.


This is amazing!

Final conclusion of the Booster Theme

Here it is, the complete Booster Theme review for 2022!

This theme is great. It’s a great choice if you have Shopify apps with Booster themes.

After purchasing this theme, you won’t be able to use these Shopify apps.

This theme is not suitable for those with a limited budget.

You can save money by sticking with the Shopify free theme until you have more funds.

We trust that you found the information useful in helping you decide if this Shopify theme is right for you.

If you aren’t sure which premium Shopify theme to buy, you can take a look here at my list of top Shopify dropshipping themes. This will provide you with some inspiration!

Dropshipping is a topic that I am interested in. You can comment below, or contact me by clicking the “Contact Us” button.

Good luck with your store and keep pushing through the tough days!

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