10+ Best Photography WordPress Themes in 2022

When you’re an artist you should have a website. No matter if you’re a wedding photographer, landscape photographer, wildlife photographer or you specialize in a different type of photography Your portfolio site is the foundation for the online profile you have.

Even if you’re just a part-time photographer or just trying to improve your skills and begin earning money through your work having a site is a crucial aspect in creating a successful business.

It’s a good thing that having a fantastic website is now easier than ever. With an array of stunning WordPress themes to choose from There’s nothing that can stop you from creating a high-quality website with a budget almost everyone can afford.

Best Photography WordPress Themes

This 10+ Best Photography WordPress Themes in 2022 article will take a look at the top WordPress theme for photographers. Certain of them were specially designed and built for photography-related websites, while others are multi-purpose templates that include all the features and features photographers require, and certain.

The Best Photography WordPress Themes for Photographers

There are numerous WordPress themes that can be used to build websites for portfolios of photography or even a photo blog. We’ve narrowed the options to highlight only the themes we believe are the most effective alternatives.

The 13 themes you’ll discover here are capable of providing you a stunning website that will help you bring your business to the next step.

1. Astra

Astra is a hugely popular theme that is used by over 1 million websites. The majority of the popularity of Astra can be attributed because a completely free variant of Astra is offered in addition to paid plans which offer premium features and other options. The free version is rather restricted and doesn’t have some options that are what make Astra an outstanding theme therefore we’ll focus on the paid plans in this article.

More than 150 templates are for Astra however, none of them are accessible in Astra Pro, which is the lowest priced paid plan (there are around 100 templates on that plan). Two of the templates that are available for Astra Pro’s Agency plan were designed specifically for photographers.

Although Astra offers you a large amount of design flexibility however, it’s not as flexible than the Thrive Theme Creator or Elementor. While both are full-featured Theme builders Astra can be described as a template designed to be compatible with other themes builders and page builders. For instance, you could utilize Astra as a theme with the Astra theme in conjunction using Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy or even with Gutenberg blocks.

Astra offers a variety of customization options with the customizer, which includes options for the layout of your footer and header and layout. If you’d like to change your website’s layout, Astra gives you some options for layouts, or you could use the page builder you prefer to control everything.

If you’re looking to sell photos on your own website, Astra also integrates nicely with WooCommerce.

Astra Highlights:

  • The theme is light and fast loading.
  • There are 150+ templates to start with (depending upon the package you choose).
  • A variety of customization options, however, you’ll have to use a separate page builder tool for the best layout and design control.
  • A limited version of the free version is available.

Astra Pricing

Astra offers a no-cost theme Astra provides three plans to choose from:

  • Astra Pro ($47/year) – includes 100+ starter templates.
  • Mini Agency Bundle ($169/year) – includes 150+ templates for starters as well as the Portfolio plugin for WP and your choice of a page builders add-on plug-in (Elementor and Beaver Builder).
  • Agency Bundle ($249/year) – includes more than 150 templates for starters and the Portfolio plugin for WP, two add-ons for the page builder along with a couple of other plugins.

For photographers looking to showcase their work, you can use the Mini Agency Bundle is probably your best option as the templates for photography aren’t included in The Astra Pro plan and you WordPress Portfolio plugin can be efficient in displaying your photographs.

2. Border

The theme Border was the very first we have on our list designed specifically for photographers. The layout and design of the theme is quite straightforward, which is perfect for photography websites because you want your photos to stand out.

Although Border doesn’t offer the sophisticated functionality or endless options that you’ll find in other options in this article (like Thrive Theme Builder, Elementor and Divi) however, you’ll receive everything you require and more. In reality having less options will help you speed up and make it easier to build your site.

You’ll be able to utilize the page builder from Border to modify certain aspects of your website, however it’s not a complete builder that offers you a myriad of possibilities.

Since websites for photography should be visually appealing It’s crucial to remember that Border offers a variety of options to showcase your photos using slideshows or grid-based galleries. Additionally, you can include text alongside your photos to tell the story of the photographs.

All in all, Border is an outstanding alternative. It’s beautiful and offers lots of control, without the anxiety that comes with the need to choose from an excessive number of choices that may not be relevant to you.

Border Highlights:

  • Simple and beautiful design , perfect for displaying your images.
  • A few design and layout customisation options are available, but not as many as what you can get from the theme builder.
  • Animations for page transitions give an elegant look to your website.
  • Create your website quickly and quickly.

Border Pricing

Border can be purchased as an individual or in a bundle along with the other themes offered by Pixelgrade. If you are only interested in the Border theme is available, you can buy it for $95/year or $75 for lifetime license (one-time buy). All of the Pixelgrade themes comes with a lifetime license for a single price of $498.

03. Divi

Divi developed by Elegant Themes, is one of the most well-known and versatile WordPress themes. Divi can be used Divi to build nearly every kind of website you’d like, such as an online portfolio of photos. Divi comes with more than 1,000 pre-designed templates you can choose from, which includes several full-packs for portfolio sites.

If you’re planning to shoot weddings you’ll be delighted by this wedding photography layout packs that includes nine stunning page designs that you can use to build your own website. Other photographers can easily modify the templates to suit their specific needs or utilize any of the numerous layout packs that are suitable for portfolio websites.

Because Divi is among the more flexible theme options available on available, it are able to create your own theme by scratch if you aren’t interested in using any of the layout packs. Actually, Divi was updated last year to incorporate a full theme builder, not only an editor for pages. It allows you to utilize the visual builder tool to build or alter the entire look of your site including your heading and the footer.

As with other builders of themes and pages, Divi also includes pre-designed templates for specific areas or building blocks for your website. The best part is that the layout templates and packs are exquisitely designed and will ensure that your website looks stunning.

Divi is completely compatible with WooCommerce So you can easily sell pictures on your website.

Divi Highlights:

  • A multi-purpose theme with a powerful visual page creator and theme builder that gives you complete control.
  • Nearly 1,500 templates pre-designed are available with layout packs that can be used for complete websites.
  • The Divi Marketplace offers access to third-party tools as well as plugins designed to work with Divi.
  • Excellent rates and licensing.

Divi Pricing

In order to gain access to Divi it is necessary to have an Elegant Themes membership which is among the top value options you can find within the WordPress community. If you join you’ll be able to access Divi and Extra magazine, Extra Magazine theme as well as several plugins from Elegant Themes. You can utilize the plugins on a variety of websites, including projects for clients.

Membership costs $89 per year or $249 for an annual membership. Lifetime memberships offer unbeatable value.

Although the price is exceptional for everything they include, WPKube visitors are able to get 20% off these prices through our Elegant Themes discount coupon.

4. Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Themes is a leading company that has a reputation for producing top WordPress theme and plugins. They previously had several themes. Recently, they’ve changed their business model to concentrate upon the Thrive Theme Builder. This allows the user complete control over the design and design of your site. It’s not necessary to have any of their previous themes any more since the Thrive Theme Builder allows you to make whatever you want including a photography-related website or blog.

With this builder for visuals that you can make your website completely customized without coding. It’s not necessary to employ developers to build an individual and customized website to promote your business photography.

The Thrive Theme Builder includes Shapeshift which is a companion theme that lets you begin quicker. If you’re not looking to develop your own design and layout from scratch, you can begin using Shapeshift and then make modifications and modifications as required.

You have complete creative control over every section of your website (including the header footer, body of the page post body, sidesbar, archives and much more) you can also cut down on time and design a stunning site with the help of already-designed blocks and pages. The blocks are designed to allow you to build stunning websites in a matter of minutes. Simply select the blocks and sections you would like to utilize and arrange them in accordance with your requirements.

If you are looking to sell digital images or prints on your website The Thrive Theme Builder is compatible with WooCommerce The most popular WordPress plug-in for eCommerce.

Thrive Theme Builder Highlights:

  • It gives you complete control to make your own layout and layout.
  • Visual builder that does not require programming to build your own custom website.
  • Provides pre-designed pages and blocks that help make the process of designing quick and simple.
  • WooCommerce has the ability to sell products through WooCommerce.


In order to gain access to Thrive Theme Builder you’ll require a membership for Thrive Suite. The subscription will include the entirety available themes as well as plug-ins such for Thrive Leads , Thrive Leadsand the Thrive Architect forrom Thrive Themes in addition to assistance and updates for during the time your subscription is in good standing. The price of the subscription is $9 per month when paid annually, or $30 per month when paid in quarterly installments.

5. Imagely

Imagely provides an WordPress theme as well as several plugins designed to meet the needs of photography websites. The Imagely theme comes with 19 designs to pick from, so that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

You could utilize the customizer to manage the specifics of your site to make it look exactly how you would like it to. The standard WordPress blocks editor in order to get more control on the layout and design of your site.

Imagely has a range of features that photographers will enjoy for their images, such as image protection through turning off right-click (which means that visitors aren’t able download or duplicate your pictures).

The theme is equipped complete with NextGEN Gallery plugin, which is among the best methods to display images on your website. It is easy to add watermarks and manage your images using the aid from NextGEN Gallery.

The Professional Version of NextGEN Gallery includes e-commerce functionality that allows you to sell images quickly on your website, and now it also comes with automated fulfillment. This alone can be a major game changer for photographers who sell prints. Because of the integration with White House Custom Colour (WHCC) the customer’s orders will be printed and sent directly to them with no involvement required from you. This is an exclusive feature you will not find in any other WordPress themes.

Imagely Highlights:

  • 19 gorgeous designs to pick from.
  • There are a few customization options that can be found through the theme customizer as well as WordPress blocks.
  • Many features photographers will appreciate, such as gorgeous galleries and image security.
  • eCommerce capabilities and automatic fulfillment of printing orders.

Imagely Pricing

Imagely theme is accessible through these plans. Imagely Theme is accessible on these plans:

  • Plus ($70/year)Includes NextGEN Gallery Plus.
  • Pro ($98/year) – includes NextGEN Gallery Pro plus other additional features.
  • Livetime ($280) – everything is included with the Pro plan, plus the ability to use for an unlimited amount of websites.

6. Cotton

Cotton was developed and designed by Flothemes. They specialize in themes specifically designed for photographers and other creative industries. Cotton was created with families babies, children and maternity photographers in the forefront.

The themes of Flothemes are specifically designed to work with the FlexBlock pages builder plug-in which lets you take control of all layout and design details of your website.

Cotton is a template for 16 pages and 90+ predefined FlexBlocks as well as 30+ WordPress basic blocks. With these blocks and templates it’s easy to design your website in no time.

Cotton Highlights:

  • Beautifully designed for family babies, children and photographer of maternity.
  • Make use of this FlexBlock plugin to manage the layout and design.
  • Beautiful collection of page templates as well as blocks that have been designed in advance.

Cotton Pricing

Cotton is available for purchase at $279 for one-site licensing. It includes updates throughout the duration of the theme as well as 1 year’s support. After the first year, support is bought for $99 per year.

7. Nomade

Nomade is another theme from Flothemes and, as Cotton It’s a gorgeous theme that you’ll be delighted with. It was developed by filmmakers and photographers who travel in the back of their minds. It is a sleek style that makes your website look stunning and is also able to be customizable.

As Cotton, Nomade also works with Flothemes’ FlexBlock plugin to provide you with control over the layout and design.

Nomade includes 17 pre-designed templates for pages and 90 pre-defined FlexBlocks and 30+ WordPress basic blocks.

Nomade Highlights:

  • Fantastic design for filmmakers as well as photographer who travel.
  • Utilize FlexBlock, the FlexBlock plugin to manage the layout and design.
  • A nice selection of templates for pages with blocks already designed.

Nomade Pricing

Nomade is available for purchase at $279 for one-site licensing. It includes updates throughout the duration of the theme, as well as an entire year’s support. Beyond the initial year, support is purchased at a cost of $99 per year.

8. Mono

Mono The third theme from Flothemes. It’s a minimalist design which was created to be more adaptable and cater to the needs of all kinds of creatives and photographers. As with the other themes by Flothemes the theme makes use of their FlexBlock plugin to provide the control of layout.

The theme comes with 23 different template pages that you can utilize to set your site quickly, as being 90+ FlexBlocks that are predefined and 30+ WordPress blocks.

Mono Highlights:

  • Minimalist design for maximum versatility.
  • Utilize this FlexBlock plugin to manage the layout and design.
  • A nice selection of page templates as well as pre-designed blocks are included.

Mono Pricing

Mono can be purchased for purchase at $279 for one-site licensing. It comes with updates for the duration of the theme as well as an entire year’s support. Beyond the initial year, support is purchased at a cost of $99 per year.

9. Lense

Lense is a gorgeous WordPress theme by CSSIgniter. It offers different gallery options that determine how your photos are displayed (and it is possible to alter the setting at any time you’d like to change it). The options include:

  • Horizontal scrolling
  • slider
  • justified gallery
  • 2-column two-column masonry
  • 3-column 3 column
  • 4-column four-column masonry

It is easy to manage your photos using the gallery manager of Lense, there are no additional plugins required.

The design style of this theme is simple that is great to showcase your images. Additionally, you have control on the colors used by your site via The WordPress dashboard.

All in all, Lense gives you a stunning looking website with the option of a few design and personalization options however, there aren’t too many options that could cause you to be slow. Setting up a stunning website up in a short time is easy using Lense due in part to its ease of use.

Lense Highlights:

  • Beautiful , clean design that shows off your pictures.
  • There are a variety of gallery styles to pick from.
  • A few design options However, they are not a lot of control.
  • It can be used in conjunction together with the Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi page builders plugins if you’re looking for more design options or layout management.

Lense Pricing

There are a variety of plans that you can pick from:

  • Lense themes Only ($34.30/year)
  • Standard Club ($48.30/year) – all CSSIgniter themes, plugins and themes.
  • Developer Club ($62.30/year)– all CSSIgniter themes and plug-ins, as well as all Starter Kits from Elementor.
  • Lifetime Membership ($174.30) – all CSSIgniter themes and plugins , plus all Starter Kits from Elementor.

10. Elementor

If you’re interested in the total control offered by the builder of your theme, Elementor is another excellent alternative. Elementor is actually an extension which can be integrated with any theme to totally modify the appearance of your website. If you’re just starting out it’s possible to consider using the theme Hello Elementor, which is an extremely lightweight theme designed for use in conjunction with Elementor’s page builder. Elementor Page Builder.

The Elementor plugin is available to download and used at no cost however the free version is rather restricted. You can modify the layout and design of your pages, but you won’t be able to access to the complete theme editor without having to upgrade into one of the premium plans. This is why we’ll focus only on premium plans of this site.

Being one of the most widely used drag-and-drop website builder, Elementor has earned a reputation for its ease of utilize with a minimal learning curve. This is great for people who have not used it before as it means you don’t have to spend weeks to design your own website.

While Elementor is simple for users to utilize, it’s incredibly effective. With Elementor’s theme builders, you are able to alter and modify every aspect of your website, including the footer and header. It even comes with the ability to build forms and popup builders, features that you will not find on many of your rivals.

Elementor offers a wide range of pre-designed templates with some of them suitable for portfolio and photography websites. If you’re looking to set up your site quickly, beginning using one of the templates listed is a great choice. You can modify any of these templates to make a website that meets your requirements.

In addition to pre-designed templates, Elementor also offers widgets which make it simple to create your own website. There are widgets that can be used for various things, including gallery galleries, images carousels prices lists, portfolios the social icon, and more. After you’ve added one of the widgets to your website or blog you’ll be able to alter the appearance of the widget in addition.

As with Thrive Theme Builder Elementor can also be fully compatible with WooCommerce. Adding the ability to sell online on your website is easy.

Elementor Highlights:

  • Drag-and-drop Builder that gives you complete control over the appearance and design of your website.
  • An extensive selection of pre-designed templates that can be used to get started.
  • Limited-free version is now available.
  • eCommerce capabilities are available through WooCommerce.

Elementor Pricing

There are three plans which include accessibility to theme builders, as well as all the professional widgets and templates.

  • Personal ($49/year) – Allows the use of one website.
  • Plus ($99/year) – Allows access to three websites.
  • Professional ($199/year) – Allows the use of 1,000 websites.

11. Noah

Noah, which is part of Pixelgrade allows you to create an impressive photography website that showcases your work in a professional manner. There are a variety of possibilities for how photographs are presented. For instance, it is possible to display horizontal or vertical ones.

One of the most notable aspects of Noah as well as the other themes for photography from Pixelgrade are the incorporation of transitions and animations. It’s a minor thing however, it makes your website appear more appealing and encourages visitors to stay on your site and browse.

There’s also a lot of control and flexibility over the layout and design with Noah. It is easy to make adjustments using a simple method that allows you to set your website in the way you’d like it.

Noah Highlights:

  • Beautiful design that shows off your work in a professional manner.
  • Control the layout and design by using customizable options.
  • The subtle changes in transitions enhance users’ experience.

Noah Pricing:

Noah is available for purchase as a standalone or in a bundle with the other themes offered by Pixelgrade. If you’re only interested in Noah, or just the Noah theme you can purchase it at $225/year, or $245 for lifetime licensing (one-time buy). This bundle includes all Pixelgrade themes is only available with a lifetime-long license for $498.

12. Benson

Benson of CSSIgniter has several homepage options. Additionally, you can utilize the drag-and-drop homepage editor to have it to look exactly how you’d like it.

You’ll also have a range of gallery layout options, and you have the option of choosing one of these for each gallery. This allows you to have different types of display for galleries on your website.

Benson offers you complete control over the color of your website, as well with page options to build pages that are customized.

There are three header types that you can select from, as well as different menu layouts for more control.

Benson Highlights:

  • Drag-and-drop homepage builder.
  • Menu options and Header.
  • Complete control over the colors.
  • Many gallery options.

Benson Pricing

There are many different plans to choose from:

  • Benson Theme Only ($34.30/year)
  • Standard Club ($48.30/year)– all CSSIgniter themes and plug-ins.
  • Developer Club ($62.30/year) – all CSSIgniter themes and plug-ins, and all Starter Kits from Elementor.
  • Lifetime Membership ($174.30) – all CSSIgniter themes and plugins , plus all Starter Kits from Elementor.

How to Choose the Right Theme for You

We’ve examined 13 fantastic themes that are capable of creating an impressive and efficient photography websites that will help you promote your business. Here are some suggestions to help you pick the best theme.

How Much Control Do You Need?

The themes here can be broken down into two categories: all-purpose and photography-specific. Thrive Theme Builder, Elementor, Astra, and Divi are multi-purpose themes that can be used to create almost every kind of website, including a portfolio of photography. These themes offer the largest selection of options and most control over layout and design however there is bound to be some learning curve to be experienced. If you’re looking to have the maximum control over the site you’ve planned pick some of these theme options.

If you don’t have to manage the details of your website it might be better off using one of the photography themes that enable you to get your site built faster, due to having less options and the ability to avoid any learning curve.

Do You Need eCommerce Capabilities?

The themes mentioned in this list, as described in the description were designed with the intention of being used by using the WooCommerce plugin. If you plan to offer prints, or even digital photographs on your website, selecting one that has WooCommerce support is an ideal choice.

Also, you might think about Imagely due to its unique ability to sell prints and automatic fulfillment. There aren’t any other WordPress themes that offer this feature, and it can be an important aspect if printing is an important part in your company.

What’s Your Budget?

Of of course, budget is an issue too. There’s a huge variety of prices within this piece. Certain choices, such as Thrive Theme Builder, are offered as subscriptions which means you’ll be able to make regular charges (unless you select one of the life-time options).


The themes on display here are the top WordPress photography themes on the market. By using among these themes you’ll be able to build a beautiful site that allows you to increase the size of your business. All you have to do is select the theme that is right for you.

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